News & Updates

  1. AMA Queensland Resident Hospital Health Check Survey June 2018

    AMA Queensland invites your thoughts on the current state of Queensland Hospitals, and how your are being treated on the job.

  2. Media release - New President Fights for a Fair Go for Regional Queenslanders

    Dr Dilip Dhupelia has been elected new AMA Queensland President and Dr Michael Cleary new Vice President.

  3. AMA Queensland wins 2018 Best Public Health Initiative Award

    AMA Queensland has been presented with the 2018 Best Public Health Initiative Award for the Resilience on the Run program delivered to all Queensland medical interns.

  4. 2018 Doctor in Training of the Year Award

    AMA Queensland junior doctor Mikaela Seymour has won the 2018 Doctor in Training of the Year Award.

Latest AMA Federal Feeds

  1. AMA Calls for Hazara Man to be Brought From Nauru for Palliative Care

    The AMA today called on the Federal Government to bring an Afghan refugee with advanced lung cancer from Nauru to Australia for palliative car…

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  2. AMA submission to the Medical Services Advisory Committee - new mobile imaging services for residential aged care facilities

    The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) has received an application to introduce funding for mobile imaging (including x-ray and ultras…

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  3. National Male Health Strategy welcomed

    The AMA welcomes today's announcement of the establishment of a 10-year National Male Health Strategy that will target the mental and physical…

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