Challenges outweigh health progress

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Doctors have cautioned that modest improvements in obesity and Indigenous health were no reason for the Queensland Government to relax.
AMA Queensland Chair of General Practice Dr Richard Kidd said the latest Health of Queenslanders report showed encouraging signs but there was a long road ahead.
“30 per cent of Queensland adults and seven per cent of children are still obese, posing a massive threat to our already over-burdened health system.”
Dr Kidd said the increasing rate of potentially preventable hospitalisations was of particular concern.
“Every day, more than 400 people go to hospital unnecessarily, largely because of chronic illnesses that could be managed by a GP,” Dr Kidd said.
“Thousands of hospital admissions for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease could be avoided by investing more in primary health care.
“For example, setting up Health Hubs – general practices that act as a gateway to the wider health system – would vastly improve preventative health care.
“It’s not time to slack off if we’re ever going to be considered among the healthiest people in the world.”

Dr Richard Kidd will be available today for comment on The Health of Queenslanders 2016.

WHEN: 1.00pm, Wednesday 16 November 2016.
WHERE: AMA House, 88 L’Estrange Terrace, Kelvin Grove.
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