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AMA Queensland provides Workplace Relations support for all doctors working in the public health system, including International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Our core business is lobbying State and Federal Government decision-makers to ensure doctors have a safe, fair and equitable working environment.

In conjunction with our union partner ASMOFQ, AMA Queensland offers representation for Residents and Registrars during Award negotiations, industrial disputes and issues of public health policy. We fight to improve and maintain the working rights and conditions of doctors employed in the public health system.

Currently we are focused on several important issues affecting all public health employees; ongoing opportunities for clinical training, the proposed privatisation and contestability of publicly-funded health services, tax-cap on self-funded education expenses, job security and budget cuts, the development of efficient and transparent billing processes and improved management of patient complaints.
This is a crucial time for all doctors working in the public health system to be informed of their rights, responsibilities and entitlements.

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