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AMA Queensland financial members now have access to industrial, workplace relations, legal and commercial assistance for both the public and private sectors of the medical profession.

Partnered with TressCox Lawyers, one of Queensland's leading Medico-Legal and medical profession law firms, your membership enables you to access advice on all commercial, legal and industrial requirements at reduced rates only available to members of AMA Queensland.

By utilising our department and legal partner, you are gaining services from a team that is highly experienced and specialised in your profession and medical industry. As a financial member, how can we assist you?

Are you planning on starting a new private practice or wishing to expand your existing business ventures?

If you are planning on starting in private practice or have existing business ventures you wish to expand, TressCox's commercial legal team have extensive expertise in the private medical industry who can assist you with all new or existing commercial and business ventures including contractual arrangements, joint ventures, partnerships, leasing, purchasing and sale of companies and business.

Are you being bullied and harassed by a work colleague/s or feel you are being treated unfairly?

AMA Queensland's Workplace Relations staff are highly experienced in working with members in the public hospital system in matters of grievance and dispute resolution. We are able to advocate on your behalf to ensure all policies and procedures of natural justice are followed by the administration of Queensland Health. This can also involve matters relating to public interest disclosures and reprisals.

Our department staff are widely experienced and are able to advocate on all matters of investigations relating to the:

  • Workplace Investigations Unit
  • Clinical Governance Unit
  • Ethical Standards Unit
  • The Office of the Health Ombudsman
  • Credentials and Privileges Review Committee

How do you handle a difficult employee?

Our highly experienced Workplace Relations staff are able to assist with all matters relating to disciplinary action and termination of employees, and can ensure a reduced risk of action taken by the employee through the Industrial Relations Commission. Our experienced staff will advocate on your behalf in Commission matters involving conciliation and arbitration.

Staff are also trained and experienced mediators in matters where amicable resolutions are sought. We are also able to assist with practical ways to manage staff and your business to reduce the risks of issues escalating to unresolvable situations.

Have allegations been made to the Medical Board against you?

The Workplace Relations Team are highly experienced in all matters relating to the Medical Board. This can include allegations of incompetence or impairment issues relating to registration application and renewal. We can also assist with the formulation and negotiation of undertakings or any matters brought forward to the health tribunal.

What industrial arrangements are your staff covered by?

Workplace Relations staff are able to assist with all matters relating to the industrial management of your employees. This may relate to the current changes in Industrial Legislation, award and Legislative Act interpretations and general terms and conditions of employment.

We also offer services in drafting or reviewing contractual arrangements for both administrative, nursing and employed doctor arrangements.

What do I do if there is a coronial inquest into the death of one of my patients?

TressCox Lawyers' dedicated health law team has a broad experience in all aspects of the medical industry in both the public and private sector. Their team draw upon substantial and diverse experience in all areas of medical law including:

  • Civil litigation
  • Coronial inquests
  • Commissions of inquiry
  • The Office of the Health Ombudsman matters
  • Disciplinary investigations and proceedings