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Who is MBAQ?

The Medical Benevolent Association of Queensland (MBAQ) was founded by members of the profession in 1967 with the sole objective of financially assisting medical practitioners in times of crisis.

Tragedy strikes at all ages and is unpredictable and this may lead to a sudden loss of income. Many of our colleagues have numerous financial commitments including home and practice repayments, school fees and the expenses of daily living. When these commitments continue in the face of a tragic event it may lead to a financial crisis.  In addition, periods of absence from work may precipitate emotional as well as financial stress.

What does MBAQ do?

MBAQ is exists for all medical practitioners within Queensland and has provided financial assistance to professionals in different areas of practice and ranges of experience and age according to their individual circumstances.

MBAQ promotes the value of obtaining professional financial advice and income protection insurance.  However, financial assistance through MBAQ may also be available, upon application, through a financial grant. 

How to apply:

The application process is simple; upon receipt of an application, one of our MBAQ Board members conducts a short meeting either face to face or over the phone.  The MBAQ Board then determines the level of assistance provided to the applicant.  CONFIDENTIALITY is maintained and respected throughout the process.

If you or anyone you know in the medical profession is in financial difficulty, we encourage contact with the MBAQ. 

To receive an application form for assistance or for more information, contact Sonia Wright via email: or phone (07) 3872 2222 or visit:

MBAQ is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of voluntary medical and other professionals and welcomes donations.