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The AMA Queensland Directory of Members online data-base has been superseded by the new Federally-developed directory Doctor Portal, which has just been launched. Doctor Portal is a live data base (whereas our existing State based Directory of Members data-base was only updated quarterly, hence listings became quickly out of date).

The ‘Find a Doctor’ functionality in Doctor Portal will enable you find colleagues and specialists for referrals and then easily connect with them on a scalable map using current, practice contact information available through the Medical Directory of Australia. When referring patients, you can also print the map with the referral address.

Doctor Portal also includes a number of other benefits for Members including:

  • Sharing Content with peers – Doctor Portal allows you to share content with colleagues and discuss content in forums that only registered medical professionals can access and participate in.
  • All in one convenient location:  Doctor Portal features a refreshed MJA Bookshop, careers and jobs resources and the GP Desktop Toolkit on one site.
  • Free Access: Access to Doctor Portal is free with some features exclusive to members of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).
  • GP Desktop Toolkit: An essential resource for GP’s in practice that provides quick and easy access to medical forms, fact sheets, insurance and work cover forms, guides, templates and online reference materials.
  • Careers and jobs vacancies: Doctors can view and apply for current vacancies in the market from around Australia.
  • Targeted approach:  Doctor Portal information is current, up-to-date and easy to locate through an effective search engine.  Doctor Portal can also deliver targeted content to each medical professional based on their activity, preferences and location or discipline.

To set up a user account for Doctor Portal, just visit the site here Set up is quick and simple to undertake.

For any technical questions or queries about your listing or Doctor Portal generally, please contact