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AMA Queensland supports and delivers numerous public health initiatives throughout the year  to educate both the general public and health care practitioners.

These campaigns are developed according to the demand for information in the community across a broad range of public health and policy issues. Recent campaigns have included our acclaimed Suicide Watch video which share awareness about the services GP’s can offer when dealing with depression and related conditions.

Our 2011 See the Signs campaign, developed in response to the devastating Queensland floods of 2011, was relaunched following the floods in January 2013. See the Signs encouraged people to be alert to signs of distress and mental health issues in themselves and others as families and communities struggled to cope with another large-scale natural disaster.

For more information about AMA Queensland’s campaigns, please contact the Media & Communications Advisor.



    AMA Queensland is urging Queenslanders aged over 50 to take control of the rest of their lives and to talk to their GP about how they want to be treated and cared for at the end of their life, a process known as advance care planning. AMA Queensland's...

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  • See the Signs

    Doctors' concerns for the mental health of Queenslanders following a devastating summer of natural disasters prompted AMA Queensland to launch "See the Signs".

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  • Suicide Watch

    At least one Queenslander a day commits suicide and the ‘Suicide Watch’ initiative has been launched to urge anyone having trouble seeing a way forward to see or phone their GP for urgent help.

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  • Misuse of Medicare Provider Numbers

    Did you know you could be personally liable for the misuse of your Medicare Provider Number in the event of a Medicare Audit?

    AMA Queensland is concerned not all Medicare billing in Queensland Health hospitals complies with Medicare rules. If your Provider Number is used incorrectly, you will be personally liable.

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