Your top 5 issues for 2018

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AMA Queensland recently conducted a survey asking members what they thought the key health policy and workforce issues they wanted us to take forward in 2018.

These questions yielded a variety of responses. Many members said they believed that a focus on reforming mandatory reporting laws was important. AMA Queensland has been working towards this important reform over 2017 and we believe that there may be some promising movement in 2018.

A related issue, that of mental illness and suicide amongst members of the medical profession, was another common response. Bullying and harassment in the medical profession was also regularly mentioned. Together, these responses show that there is much more work to been done to improve the health of our medical workplaces and their culture. AMA Queensland is working towards this goal (with a discussion paper in development) which will provide the Queensland Government with a number of potential solutions to these issues.

Other responses included:

  • More mindfulness training;
  • Concerns about treating patients in the public system;
  • Improving the medical workforce distribution;
  • Better professional development for interns; and
  • Improving Indigenous health.

We thank all members for their feedback. We are working on a number of responses to these issues.

If you have any issues you feel need AMA Queensland’s attention, feel free to drop us a line. We are always happy to get your thoughts directly via

Jane Schmitt
Chief Executive Officer, AMA Queensland