Election Platform - Five Point Plan for Better Health

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In response to the announcement of the 2017 Queensland State Election, we have provided our Election Platform to the political parties and to our stakeholders.

Our five-point plan identifies and addresses the areas that the next Queensland Government must target to help improve the health system for doctors, patients and the broader Queensland community.

Key recommendations include:

  • Appointing an Assistant Minister for Health dedicated to regional health.
  • Increasing funding for Queensland’s palliative care sector.
  • Appointing a dedicated Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to enhance medical leadership within the public health system and nurture cultural change.
  • Ensuring the resilience of our medical workforce by extending funding for the Resilience on the Run program to improve the well-being of senior medical officers as well as junior doctors.
  • Preserving Queensland’s new alcohol laws and allowing them to be fully evaluated before considering further legislative changes.

 To read the full platform, click here.