2017 AMA Queensland Election results

Contact Details

Successful applicants for the 2017 AMA Queensland Board and Council positions following the recent elections are:


President                                                         Dr Bill Boyd

Vice President                                               Dr Jim Finn

Chair                                                                 Dr Shaun Rudd

Member Appointed Director                    Dr Dilip Dhupelia

Member Appointed Director                    Dr Bav Manoharan



Far North Area Rep                                                    Dr David Shepherd

General Practitioner Craft Group                           Dr Paul Bryan

General Practitioner Craft Group                           Dr Nick Yim

International Medical Graduate Rep                     Dr Viney Joshi

Specialist Craft Group                                                Dr Sarah Coll

Specialist Craft Group                                                Dr John Murray

Part-time Medical Practitioner Craft Group       Dr Dilip Dhupelia

Downs and West Area Rep                                       Dr John Hall

Greater Brisbane Area Rep                                      Dr Kimberley Bondeson

Greater Brisbane Area Rep                                      Prof Steve Kisely