Resident Hospital Health Check Survey 2017

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The AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training invites your thoughts on the current state of Queensland hospitals from the perspective of a junior doctor.

Are they meeting the grade when it comes to providing leave? Are your rosters timely and appropriate? Are you getting the rotations you need for career progression? We want your frank feedback on your hospitals of employment, so that we can recognise the hospitals that are ideal for junior doctors and those that need improvement.

This anonymous survey has been designed to be comprehensive, but quick. It will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. The survey is open to interns, junior house officers and senior house officers. We will offer a separate registrar survey in the coming months.

You can access the survey here and we welcome you forwarding this to your non-member Doctors in Training colleagues.

The survey will close on Friday 31 March 2017 and findings will be published in early May to help inform your decision-making for applications for RMO positions. The survey is anonymous and voluntary.

Once again, thank you for your participation. Your reply helps to shape the future for Doctors in Training in Queensland.