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Member Q&A Barbara Bradshaw
, 4th Year Medical Student, UQ

The best advice given to me was …
"Do, Delegate, or Delete" From Angie LaFavor, a good friend of mine. I tend to take on a lot and when overwhelmed, it is the best way to regain balance.  Some things can be accomplished yourself, some duties can be taken on by others, if only you ask for help and some things need to be dropped and left behind. 

Peanut, crispy or plain M&Ms?    Plain.  Never argue with straight chocolate.

What is the last book you read? The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  It is the story of the lady from whom we get HeLa cells, now a major workhorse in human cell line research.  It was a good enough story that one of my friends with a non-scientific-background had to buy the book after reading a chapter.

If you were written about in the newspaper, what would the headline say?  Medical Student Is Having the Biggest Adventure Ever!

Favourite flower? Purple Irises

If I were an insect I would be: a bumblebee. I'm always busy, enjoy bright colours, and I'm highly social. It’s also hard to figure out how I stay flying, and yet I do!

Person who inspired you to study medicine: Dr Barbara Secter, who hired me as her assistant in 1998.  I worked with her in an oncology clinic for 10 years.  She is an amazing lady!

What concerns you most about the future of the medical profession?Resource allocation.  Healthcare is an area that will take all the money you can throw at it and ask for more.  Since no government has unlimited funds, we are always left deciding who will have to do without. This includes the disparity between care available in rural versus urban centres, as well as cosmetic/lifestyle treatments versus chronic disease management.  The reliance on increasingly expensive diagnostic technology means that it quickly becomes out of reach for the average patient, and will usually end up telling you the same thing as a well taken history and thorough physical examination.



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