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Transfer of employment entitlements

Due to the nature of the work doctors undertake, ASMOFQ often receives member enquiries regarding the transfer of entitlements between Hospital and Health Services (HHS), the Mater Public Hospital and additionally, when either moving to or leaving Queensland. Many members do not realise how simple it is to have their long service leave and sick leave balances transferred to another public hospital or to a Queensland Health HHS. The transfer of these entitlements is covered under the Recognition of Previous Service and Employment’ Directive No. 10/10 and can be found here.

Generally when you terminate your employment with a public hospital and commence employment with another public hospital (including the Mater Public Hospital), your recreation leave will be paid out upon termination. Your long service leave and sick leave will transfer to the new hospital provided your gap in employment does not exceed 12 months. These rules are the same for doctors coming to Queensland Health from a public hospital in another state/territory. However, it is important to be aware that your long service leave will not transfer over to your new employer in cases where your old employer is required to pay out your leave. This usually occurs when you have completed more than 10 years of continuous service.

In order to ensure your sick leave and any applicable long service leave is transferred to your new employer, it is crucial that you request a ‘Statement of Service’ from your previous employer. You will then need to liaise with the human resource department at your new HHS to ensure your entitlements will transition over.

If you are planning on transferring from one Queensland Health HHS to another HHS (and you want your recreation leave and professional development leave entitlement to be available to you in your new employment), it is important you confirm with Workforce Services that the entitlement will transition over. Similarly, if you are planning on having a short break in your employment, we recommend you discuss your circumstances with the ASMOFQ Industrial Team to clarify your options.

The ASMOFQ Industrial Officers are available to assist members with any of the above issues. Please contact us on (07) 3872 2222 or asmofq@amaq.com.au for a confidential discussion on how to secure your entitlements.

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